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Friday, 2 August 2013

No Privacy for photos in Facebook

Information about our most favorite social network Facebook

Facebook has the images on an individual server. 

If you block a person or if you put privacy for your photo, the photo will not be fully displayed and it will not be clickable.

If you copy that image location and open in separate tab ,it will be displayed like 160x160 size image.

For example:

If you have added privacy for your photo the image will look like

If you want to see the full size image of the photo (even if you are not in my friends list)
Just remove "s160x160/" from the above URL, it will look like

If someone knows your image location even if he/she is not your friend, he/she can see ur photo (even if you have put privacy for that photo).

So please don’t use your original images on Facebook.


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