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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Custom URL for Google+ Profile

Google now allows Custom URL for profiles too as Facebook does.

Here is the criteria to be followed and maintained to Get your custom URL.
  1. You should have a minimum of 10 followers
  2. Your profile should be minimum 30 days old
  3. Your profile should have a profile picture
If your profile has the above mentioned criteria you will get an option to get Custom URL under
  1. Go to Profile->About-> Links
  2. Now Click "Get a custom URL"
  3. You will be allotted a URL and in some cases you will be asked to add some numbers or alphabets to make your profile unique.
  4. After entering the required URL you have to check agree to the terms
  5. Click change URL.
  6. You will get a password to your mobile number to make the Custom URL. Type the received code and click confirm.
  7. Now the custom URL for your profile is ready. 
For example look at these profiles

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